What is the haymaker’s drink Switchel?

Switchel Katrini käes

Switchel is the first drink of its kind in Estonia, but Switchel is certainly not a new unknown discovery – instead, it’s a rediscovered valuable drink, just like our Shrub drinks. The feedback has been positive so far and the new drinks have also become favourites of our team. So, let’s get down to business. What drink is it and why is it called Switchel?

The traditional Switchel, or Haymaker’s Punch, is a long-established sweet and sour spicy drink with roots in 17th century colonial America. The drink was a popular summer drink among farmers and farm workers, providing strength and replenishing the body’s fluid and nutrient reserves.

Haymaker’s drink or…

Switchel, which can also be seen spelled as switzel, swizzle, switchy or ginger water, is essentially a drink made from water mixed with light natural vinegar and often flavoured with ginger.

We offer Switchels in two different sizes: two flavors in a beautiful 750 ml glass bottle, three flavors in a convenient 250 ml aluminum can. Wösel’s sea buckthorn-raspberry-ginger Switchel contains, as the name suggests, sea buckthorn, raspberry and ginger juice, plus lemon juice, a drop of Wösel’s apple cider vinegar, and organic agave syrup giving the product its sweet taste. Passion-cloudberry Switchel’s sunny color and mild passion flavors are suitable for any party table. Both Switchels are perfect as non-alcoholic party drinks and why not reward yourself after a hard day’s work with a refreshing drink, as Switchel is traditionally the drink of the workers. Times are changing, and in the modern age, Switchel hits the spot for office workers. And 250 ml cans fit perfectly in the work bag:

  • Passion-Cloudberry Switchel is a sparkling drink with a beautiful design and a great taste, which is suitable as a non-alcoholic refreshing refreshment. The effective can design and the sunny color of the drink will make every eye shine!
  • The Rhubarb-Raspberry Switchel is a children’s favorite! The sparkling drink with a delicate pink color surprises with a lively rhubarb flavor in the summer, with slight sweet notes of raspberry at the end. A refreshing pick-me-up for every day!
  • Quince-Blackberry Switchel sparkling drink with a vibrant red color surprises with a slightly dry taste of quince, at the end you can feel light sour notes of blackberries.
Heinategijajook Switchelid

Also kids like Switchel, it’s worth a try. The products have beautiful bright colors. The product is best chilled, and a few ice cubes will make the drink even more enjoyable.

You can find information on the Switchel nutrition plan in our webstore. The haymaker’s drink invites you to discover bold flavours!

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